Singing Through Lockdown

Singing Through Lockdown

As we make our way through another lockdown in Ontario and our in-person programs remain closed for the 14th month in a row we are all longing for a time where we can be together in person again.   

Until then, we get to spend time with each other on Zoom. One of our main Zoom programs throughout the year has been Music Therapy, hosted by Shirley (Rubato Music Therapy). 

Over the past few weeks, Shirley has been working with individuals to teach them the foundations of songwriting in preparation for the creation of their own song! Individuals have decided on the harmony, genre, and have begun writing lyrics.   

The pop song focuses on individual’s desires for life post-COVID-19.  

These sessions have been a fabulous opportunity for individuals to reflect on how the past year has impacted their lives and share what they look forward to doing when the lockdown ends.  

We are so thankful that throughout the pandemic Delta Downsview continued to provide monthly support to facilitate Music Therapy sessions and maintain our space at 132 Railside Rd. 

Delta Downsview has made such a lasting impact in individual’s lives and we look forward to a time where we can be together and experience community events again.  

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