Elsa Lee

Elsa Lee – Member

Elsa is an experienced telecommunications professional whose expertise ranges from provisioning network features and resolving network problems, to managing a network budget up to $200 million. Currently, Elsa manages a team of 20 network specialists to provision new network technologies.

In her personal life Elsa’s goal is to make a positive difference in society through volunteer work. Elsa was inspired to volunteer for people with disabilities when she volunteered on a field trip with children with Down syndrome while in High School. By interacting with the children Elsa got to learn about their individual needs and understand the importance of support services. Elsa joined the Harmony Place Board of Directors to use her skills to ensure Harmony Place remains a supportive and caring environment for those who need the services for many years to come.

Elsa also did volunteer work for organizations such as, CNIB, Women in Telecommunications, Ontario Chinese Ladies Golf Association, and the Rogers Women’s Network.