The focus at Harmony Place Support Services is to provide services that blend respect, dignity, choice, and advocacy with meaningful connections to the community.

Respecting the individual’s right to belong, Harmony Place Support Services (HPSS) specializes in providing individually driven day programs that foster personal development and social inclusion for adults with multiple disabilities.


HPSS encourages a culture of listening to, advocating for and supporting our clients and each other.


HPSS celebrates choice. Our clients choose to be here. We will ensure our clients have the freedom to choose from a range of program opportunities. We will empower their self-advocacy.


HPSS is a safe and stable environment that delivers comfort and support to our clients. Our staff is not only technically skilled in providing physical and developmental support to our clients, but are also emotionally supportive and encouraging.


HPSS is a place where friendships are made and nurtured. We strive to connect as a community within our walls, and extend that connection to the communities outside of our walls. Our staff is committed to enabling meaningful group interaction and programming.


HPSS is committed to providing progressive learning and development opportunities for our clients. Our staff is dedicated to innovation in program design, development and delivery and is responsive to the individual needs and growth potential of each client.

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