Harmony Place Support Services’ Blog

Life at 50

We had fun playing a game called “Sabateur.”

I was so sneaky that I planned my moves.

I did great

Life is great

I have no complaints

I feel lucky to be alive

I feel strong as a black man

I’m a nice Christian

I don’t like to make people cry

I like to make people happy

I am a capricorn

We take things seriously but not THAT seriously

We have fun

Life is fun

Life doesn’t stop at 50

It begins at 50

The Park

We’re at the park today

We’re having fun

I’m with Harmony Place

I’m lucky to be here

I’m feeling great & I’m 47 years old

I’m looking good

I went to school in Montreal in 1978 and it was great

It was a learning experience

I got to play with kids my own age

I had a teacher whose name was Jim and he was a classic guy

They don’t make teachers like him anymore

I was a student there and it was a good school

I was eight years old and I had a girlfriend

Her name was Penny

My bus driver’s name was Renee

We went for root beer every Friday after school

Be a Man

Being a man means taking care of your woman

Being a man means taking care of things on your own

You can ask for help sometimes

Just not all the time

If you need someone to talk to you can talk to beautiful Janice

You can always talk to her in person or on the phone

I come from a hard working family

I am a hard worker

I am from Montreal

I went to school there

I feel proud

My parents are from Jamaica

I’m strong

I’m proud to be a man

I’m 47 almost 48

Let this be a lesson

Don’t like anyone tell you that you aren’t smart

You are smart

That’s what draws me to Janice

She’s everything I want in a woman

And more!


You can be free to do whatever you want to do.

You can go to school or go to whatever city you want to go to.

You can be whatever you want to be.

Summer Games

We had fun playing summer games outside

We were in teams and my team, the blue team, won!

It was a good try by the other team

Better luck next time

I hope they win because they deserve it

It is like a family

Being Black

Being black is beautiful

I wouldn’t want to be anything but myself

I’m a truthful person, when somebody tells me something I like to believe them.

I give them a second chance if they make a mistake

I make mistakes too, everyone makes mistakes

I know my manners, what’s right from what’s wrong

It feels good to be black

To be comfortable in your own skin and to know your mind

I love Harmony Place

You can do so many different things

You can make a lot of friends at Harmony Place.

You can do things with help at Harmony Place.

I like being around people.

People like to see me happy and not sad.

I love to sing and play bingo with help.

I love coming to Harmony Place twice a week and wish I could come more.

People respect me here.

I feel confident and very mature and  not like a kid.

Not like I was in 1976.

I live in Toronto now.

Before I lived in Montreal.

Somebody told me that I can learn my lesson on my own.

While I was living in Montreal.

My mom will not be around for too long

But she is still around and I love her so much

I have been living in Toronto for a long time.

I feel good living here.

I feel like I am more educated in Toronto than I ever was living in Montreal.

There are more doors open to me in Toronto than closed.

There is more accessibility for people in wheelchairs in Toronto than there was in Montreal.

You can be anything that you want to be if you put your mind to it.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste but a beautiful thing to have.

A Day at Harmony Place

Waking up early and off on my way,

Rush to my placement must be there on time.

Meeting the clients for fun work and play

Some like to chatter while others will sign.

Many are silent; it’s speech that they lack,

But show in other ways their happiness,

Their laughter and smiles are what bring me back.

Rewarding, fulfilling, self-worth, no less.

Singing, drama, lunch, all part of my day.

Helping people is what I like to do

Mealtime is over and so is my stay

Unable to help themselves, makes me blue.

Placement is done; bus late once again,

Arriving at school, the question is when.


~Former Placement Student

Group homes

Group homes can be good

They are good!

But you have to remember you’re in a group home

Because you have to live with a group

You have to eat what they serve you

You can’t complain

Unless you have something to complain about

They do the best thing for you

They put you to bed, they take you to the washroom

They do everything extra

I live in one

They have certain rules, you have to follow them

We eat at 5:30

If we need something we have to ask

You can’t talk about the staff behind their back

They’re good people, they look after you

I’m grateful that I’m in a group home to look after me

I’m not complaining, I ask for what I need

Thursday Night

It’s going to be wild

It’s going to be crazy

Everybody likes crazy

Every night is crazy

It’s going to be more crazy than a barrel of monkeys

It’s going to be at my house every Thursday night

It’s crazy crazy crazy

It is something wild

Sometimes I get wild

It’s from five to seven

Some nights we have karaoke, sometimes we have movies, sometimes we have games all night

Some nights we cook

Some times we have special days that are really fun and fantastic

I wonder what we’ll do tonight

I’ll have to wait and see!

I’ve really looking forward to it

Bye for now