Harmony Place Support Services’ Blog

A Day at Harmony Place

Waking up early and off on my way,

Rush to my placement must be there on time.

Meeting the clients for fun work and play

Some like to chatter while others will sign.

Many are silent; it’s speech that they lack,

But show in other ways their happiness,

Their laughter and smiles are what bring me back.

Rewarding, fulfilling, self-worth, no less.

Singing, drama, lunch, all part of my day.

Helping people is what I like to do

Mealtime is over and so is my stay

Unable to help themselves, makes me blue.

Placement is done; bus late once again,

Arriving at school, the question is when.


~Former Placement Student

Group homes

Group homes can be good

They are good!

But you have to remember you’re in a group home

Because you have to live with a group

You have to eat what they serve you

You can’t complain

Unless you have something to complain about

They do the best thing for you

They put you to bed, they take you to the washroom

They do everything extra

I live in one

They have certain rules, you have to follow them

We eat at 5:30

If we need something we have to ask

You can’t talk about the staff behind their back

They’re good people, they look after you

I’m grateful that I’m in a group home to look after me

I’m not complaining, I ask for what I need

Thursday Night

It’s going to be wild

It’s going to be crazy

Everybody likes crazy

Every night is crazy

It’s going to be more crazy than a barrel of monkeys

It’s going to be at my house every Thursday night

It’s crazy crazy crazy

It is something wild

Sometimes I get wild

It’s from five to seven

Some nights we have karaoke, sometimes we have movies, sometimes we have games all night

Some nights we cook

Some times we have special days that are really fun and fantastic

I wonder what we’ll do tonight

I’ll have to wait and see!

I’ve really looking forward to it

Bye for now

Wheelchair Basketball Game

It was fun

I got here early

3 days in a row

That’s ok

because I was looking forward to coming

I was happy to come

I like going out

because I am a people person

I think it shows

I really enjoyed myself

Thank you for the wonderful time

Pace maker

My mother has a pace maker

It helps the heart to keep it regulating

To keep it beating and to keep it regulating

and healthy

She can’t lift anything heavy

To help her stay out of the hospital

And to keep her heart beating

And to keep the cancer from coming back

If she didn’t have it, she’d be dead

I’m lucky to have her



Sometimes it can be sweet

Sometimes it can be sour

But when you’re at Friends of Music

Everything changes for the better

Because we’re all respected

We’re all unique

We’re striving to make the world a better place

Everybody else should try and listen to us

We’re just humans but it takes some time for us to get our words out

and express ourselves the way we want to

Some people don’t understand us

Although we’re in wheelchairs people forget it takes time for use to move and sometimes we need help

A couple weeks ago I came in my manual chair because my motorized chair was busted up

But I managed to get around and that’s a good thing

Bye for now because I hear Wheeltrans

Trying to get my point across

I get embarrassed trying to talk because I’m afraid they won’t understand what I’m trying to say

They think I’m lying when I try to say something

I’m going to get something off my mind

The words won’t come out right and then I get frustrated

I think that it’s my fault that I’m like this

They think there is something wrong with my mouth

I think I’m fine because I’m a unique guy, everybody wants to be with me

I might need some alone time, sometimes at home

I’m a great guy!

and I feel great about that

My mom understands me and that’s it

Janice and HP staff understand me too

I feel fine to express myself here



Health Care Feild

I’m thankful with the help I get from everybody

I could be a man or woman, married, single, anybody

Anybody can help but you have to have understanding and compassion

You can’t be squeamish

If you are squeamish and you can’t take it, it’s not for you

You need empathy


and understanding

Take it serious, but not too serious

You gotta be yourself

Harmony Place

You can express yourself

You can be yourself

I go to Harmony Place two times a week

We do different things here

We work in different groups

We meet people ehre

I take Wheel-Trans two days a week

I like to sing

I am 47 years old

I’m still living, I’m not dead yet

I’m lucky to be here

I’m a survivor

I feel good about myself

I’m happy to accept I’m stiff

My muscles don’t move, I’m in a wheelchair

I have to accept that because it’s who I am

That’s the way I am

This is what I have to deal with but I’m not complaining

I’m happy to be here

Jesus gave me life, he can take it away

We have to appreciate what we’ve got and what we do have

I am thankful to be me


Friendships can be made in any place

At home, at Harmony Place, when you’re out, when you’re with friends

Anyone can be your friend

Doesn’t matter what colour, what sex, anybody can be your friend

They can be made at home, out, different places

It doesn’t matter

Your mom is also your friend

Happy Mother’s Day

It can be your mom, grandma, girlfriend

You can have friends at music

Friends all over the place

You can have a lot of friends

Because I’m a friendly guy

When I have a question, I will ask a question